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Levende Copepods 100ml

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Live Copepods are an excellent food source for all saltwater aquarium fish, corals and invertebrates.

If your aquarium contains mandarin fish, anthias or seahorses you will almost certainly benefit from the regular addition of some form of copepods either frozen or live.


Simply pour the copepods into your aquarium or pour onto a fine micron sieve before introducing to your tank. If you have a refugium it is advisable to put some copepods in here where they will not be eaten, or if you don’t have a refugium simply pour all your copepods into the sump. If none of the above is present you can pour the copepods into your tank, but it is advisable to do this at night when the lights are off and they have a chance to seek cover. We recommend that you simply float the sachet to acclimate the pods to tank temp and if possibly slowly introduce tank water to the sachet then add to tank, turn off the protein skimmer for at least 15 minutes when you introduce the copepods.

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