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Deltec - CSM 800

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kimmer manual cleaning heads

Deltec have announced a new range of manual cleaning heads for the TC and SC skimmers . By simply turning the cleaning head lid the skimmer neck is cleaned quickly with no mess.

Use of a cleaning head can increase the efficiency of your skimmer by up to 20%

General information

If you watch a skimmer over a number of days you will notice that the amount of waste collected fall off over time. This is because as the foam rises it deposits some of the fat and proteins that it has collected on the side of the riser tube. This deposits make it harder for the foam to climb and so the amount of waste in the cup decreases.

Deltec have now introduced a manual cleaning head that includes the silicone paddle cleaning blade of the automatic cleaning heads and is actuated by simply turning the skimmer lid by hand.

By turning the lid 1-2 times the neck of the skimmer will be cleaned and skimming efficiency will be optimised. The head should be turned at least once a day to prevent deposits building in the neck.


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