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Skimer SX2000

Art.nr: RM-SKME03
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Rossmont Skimer SX2000


The Skimers have a curved physique with an external pumping scheme. This will hardly increase the overall dimension compared to skimmers with an inner pump, but it certainly leaves extra room for bubbles and the maintenance is greatly simplified.

The great thing about this protein skimmer is that it is not adjustable, but programmable! The Skimer SX 1000 has a capacity of 2900 l / hour and a consumption of 29 watts, suitable for aquariums of 300 liters filled with SPS corals and 1000 liters for a fish-only aquarium. The Skimer SX 2000 has a capacity of 3500 l / h and a consumption of 34 watts, and is suitable for aquariums of 600 - 2000 liters.

Q max pump: 3500 L / hour
Max Power consumption: 34W
Reaction chamber capacity: 9L
Capacity of the cup: 2L
Nominal voltage: 230VAC - 50Hz
Compatible with Rossmont Waver Controller

Suitable for aquariums from 600 to 2000 L


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