VCA Red Sea MAX Flow Nozzle to Loc-Line Adapter – 16mm Slip-Fit to 1/2in Loc-Line

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  • Add a Loc-Line fitting to your Red Sea MAX Flow Nozzle
  • Compatible with the  1/2in Random Flow Generator Nozzle
  • Compatible with any genuine 1/2in Loc-Line fitting
  • Printed in Reef-safe PETG plastic. See our FAQ’s


Convert your Red Sea MAX Flow nozzle to Loc-Line

This easy to install 16mm Slip-Fit Adapter allows you to quickly add a 1/2in Loc-Line connector to your standard flow pump nozzles along the back wall of your Red Sea Max Aquarium. The Adapter securely slides on to the end of the nozzle. No tape, no glue, no tools.

With the Red Sea MAX Flow Nozzle to Loc-Line Adapter, you can attach any genuine 1/2in Loc-Line connector, adapter or Y-fitting to the end of the nozzle.


Installation takes just a few seconds

Simply slip the 16mm Slip-fit Adapter over the end of the return tube. That’s it!

RFG Nozzle assembly for Red Sea MAX

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