GHL Doser Maxi Stand Alone - White

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Perfect for 2-Part Dosing or Auto Water Changes!

Designed for hobbyists and professionals who seek reliable dosing. If the dosing is in the form of liquid additives or even automatic water changes (AWC) the GHL Doser Maxi is up to the task. Unlike other dosing pumps on the market, GHL uses dual brushless stepper motors for greater precision and flow control. The integrated electronics within the Doser Maxi allows you to operate it without any connection to the internet, but if you want to, it can be connected to myGHL via WiFi, LAN, or USB cables. 

  • Built-In WiFi and myGHL Cloud Support
  • Included Float/Optical Sensor Inputs*
  • On-Board Manual Override Buttons
  • Adjustable Speed Brushless Motors
  • Magnetic Stirrer Ports Included*
  • Backward Compatible
  • No Controller Required

*sensors and stirrers not included


Brushless Stepper Motors

When it comes to precision electric motors, brushless stepper motors can regulate their speed and position giving them a huge leg up on other styles of dosing pumps. Designed to pump 4,226 gallons of water, Doser Maxi´s are perfect as an automatic water change system or constant water exchange system, which can be pre-programmed or manually triggered as needed. When it comes to liquid additives being precise is essential especially when it comes to additives like potassium, iodine, and other elements that require small doses. 


Powerful & Precise Flow

Having speed control of the dosing head is critical for some additives like alkalinity solutions that can easily precipitate if added to saltwater too quickly. The variable flow rate dosing heads can push anywhere from 40-320 mL per minute and can be programmed through the GHL control software. The rate of flow can vary depending on the length of tubing and head height required. The max distance the GHL Doser Maxi can push or pull liquids is 50 feet of total length allowing you to put the dosing where you want it, and then route the tubing to your vessels and sump.


Control up to 16 Dosing Heads

You can mix-and-match GHL Doser Maxi SA pumps, Maxi Slave pumps, or the 2.1 Doser series for the ultimate dosing system. Connecting slave dosers to the master lets you add additional pump heads while being able to manage the programming through a single interface. Control can be done locally through with the included USB cable or through the internet with the built-in WiFi or LAN connection giving you full access to myGHL control center software.



Dimensions - 22 L x 15 W x 10cm H

Max Dosing Flow - 320mL/min

Tubing Size - 3/16 ID (not included)

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