Kamoer X2SR Water Change Pump

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Kamoer X2SR Water Change Pump  - Remote Version

The X2SR is a twin head, App controlled, WIFI water change pump, designed to automate regular water changes on your aquarium system. One pump removes water and the other one replaces it by the same volume automatically. 

Users can use the X2SR to perform automatic or manual water changes on their aquarium. This unit also features an integrated auto top up system to replenish water lost via evaporation



  • Wifi app remote controlled

  • Supports IOS and Android devices

  • Manual and automatic water change options

  • Stepper motor driven for continuous use and accuracy

  • Long life Pharmed PBT tube on pump heads

  • Up to 12 water change time programs per day

  • Can perform set water change programme every 1-99 days

  • Built in auto-top-up

  • Can be used as a two channel dosing pump.

  • 24v top-up pump included

  • 3 roller KCM pump head

  • Calibration function for each pump

  • Built in, real-time clock with battery back up

  • Emergency high level sensor for sump with alarm

Basic Parameters

  • Flow: More then 900ml/min
  • Flow Adapter input: 100VAC -240VAC Output: DC24v 1.9A
  • Number of Dosing: 24 times/day-1 time/99days
  • Interface WiFi (App remote control)
  • Working environment: Temperatures: 0-70C; Humidity: 10%-90% (non-condenstion)
  • Demensions (L*W*H) 168*177*223 mm (including pump head)
  • Weight: 4.106kg (not including Power Supply)

Packing List

  1. Host X2RS x1 
  2. Power Adapter Body x1
  3. Power Adapter Plug x1 
  4. Plastic Cylinder (50ml) x1
  5. PVC Tube 9.5*12.5mm; green 6m
  6. Kamoer tube manifold transparent x3
  7. Float level sensor (Headphone plug) x4
  8. Float level sensor bracket x4
  9. Magnet (Balck) x8
  10. Submersible Pump x1
  11. Male to male line x1 
  12. PVC connecting pipe for auto top-off 8*11mm Transparent 1,5m
  13. Anti-Siphon connector (1/4 Straight) x1
  14. Grease x10g x1
  15. Quick start guide x1
  16. Qualified certification x1 

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