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Neptune Systems Trident DIY Service Kit

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Why and When should I service my Trident?

We said at the Trident product launch,  “We recommend that the Trident have a routine service of a small number of its parts in the window of 18-24 months.  And, while we will have a kit available for customers to do this maintenance themselves, we strongly suggest that the Trident be sent in to our service center to have this performed.”

We had some idea what those parts would be but didn’t know for sure until Tridents had been operating out in the field over an extended period of time.  Further to that, we had an estimate of when parts would need to be replaced, but could only take our best guess of what we knew then.

Fast forward almost two years and we now have a much better idea of what is needed to be serviced, but more importantly, when those items need to serviced.  We recommend, but not require, that your Neptune Systems Trident receive a preventative service between 24-36 months of operation. It’s possible some Tridents will need to be serviced before this recommended service interval, but that would be the exception not common place.

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