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Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 3 Speedy PRESSURE 230 Watt / 19,0m³

kr 14,600.00 (inkl. mva)

Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump 230 Watt / 19,0m³
with AKB 
anti-lime-bypass and 10V connection

Technical data  Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump 230 Watt 19,0 m³:
230 Watt/h  8,85 mtr. pressure height
speed adjustable brushless DC pump
Watt-Display at the controller /// in 2Watt steps adjustable
intake side 63 mm - pressure side 40 mm
operating voltage: 230 Volt 50 Hz  (also in 110V/60Hz available)
pump and controller with a removeable Hirschmann-plug-connection
Protection class pump: IP 68  control unit: IP 66  
Weight pump: 3,5 kg
Weight controller: 1,2kg
Height of intake side: center 70 mm
Dimension pump: ~ 130 mm wide / 295 mm length / 220 mm height
Dimension control unit: ~ 190 mm wide / 168 mm length (250 mm with connection cable) / 84 mm height

  • Saltwater resistant M6 grade 2 titanium screws
  • Saltwater resistant parabolic rubber feet for acoustic decoupling
  • Extreme low noise brushless dc-delivery pump with grouted power electronics
  • High efficient technology "Made in Germany"
  • Inlet and Outlet complete with DIN connection, compact dimensions
  • High performance ceramics bearings and hollow shaft for bypass purging in the rotor housing
  • Only saltwater resistant pump with titanium rotor, titanium stator and shrivelled bearings
  • Easy usage and maintenance. Low risk of calcification due to polished titanium parts and compulsory purgeing
  • Heavy and massive craftsmanship against vibrations and oscillation
  • CE conformity, developed and built according to VDE guidelines

Extensive function integrated in the controller:

1. Food timer
By selecting the menu entry, the pump is reduced to minimum output for a pre-defined period of 1-30 minutes or switched off completely.

2. Manual
This function enables manual selection of the pump output. The value can be set in increments of 2W (10W). By holding the UP or DOWN key, the highest or lowest possible value is activated (230W/20W).

3. Interval
This function enables changing the pump output in time intervals.

4. Remote 10V
This function activates control via the 10V input.

5. Remote LAN
This function activates the control via the future LAN adapter.

Change functions:

6. Changing food timer
By selecting this change function, the time of the food timer can be pre-set at a range of one minute to 30 minutes (UP/DOWN arrow keys).

7. Changing interval
By selecting this change function, you can enter the interval time.

8. Change clock settings
By selecting this change function, you can set the clock.

9. Change language
By selecting this change function, you can set the menu language. (german/english).

The control/connection of Aquarium computer possible!
Prepared for connection to an aquarium computer (E.g. GHL) via a 0-10V interface.
No additional controller needed.

Tested so far following these computers:
GHL ProfiLux 3.1 + 4, from Neptune Systems the Apex Aqua Controller and with SciTronix littleblue.

Compatible with following brands:
ghl logoneptune systems logo

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Royal Exclusive Red Dragon 3 Manual
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